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TriVexa™ is a mushroom-based wellness supplement. The overall goal of this product is to increase your lifespan and quality of life.
All of the ingredients used in the formula are processed in factories in the United States and are 100% natural and pure.

  It supports healthy weight loss

 improve the users’ metabolism, immunity, energy levels, glycemic index,

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New Scientific Discovery TriVexa

 New Scientific Discovery

Scientific Evidence Behind The Working Of Trivexa – Is It Really Science-Backed?

Trivexa is a completely natural weight loss product, consisting of only the highest quality natural ingredients (safe for human consumption).

Its strong antioxidant action and detoxifying power promote the natural stimulation of the metabolic rate and increase fat burning in the body.
Trivexa scientific discovery

A study published in the journal Evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine in 2015 has elaborated on the relevance of Reishi in reducing obesity and diabetes. It can combat stress which causes obesity and overweight, through the adaptogens. The ingredient reduces diabetes weight gain caused by insulin resistance.

Why Choose Trivexa™ ?



It manufactured in a US-based FDA Certified facility.
TriVexa-100% All-Natural

100% All-Natural

All ingredients are pure, natural, and carefully sourced..
TriVexa-FDA Approved Facility

FDA Approved Facility

It is manufactured in the most sterile FDA Aproved Facility
TriVexa-100% Effective

100% Effective

Mixing ingredients in the right way and in the right amount to keep their properties intact.

What is Trivexa ?

TriVexa is a daily supplement designed to make weight loss easy, among other health benefits. Each bottle comprises 266 mg of science-based mushrooms to support weight loss, calm nerves, increase energy levels and enhance overall well-being.

TriVexa is purportedly rich in nutrients that support healthy aging and augment your life’s quality. The creators claim that each component is from Amazon, Asia, and other homes of natural medicine. The folks in these regions supposedly have a higher lifespan, low disease reports, and are happier than most folks across the globe.

TriVexa is supposedly a product from a US-based facility. All the ingredients are 100% natural, pure, and unlikely to give users any nasty complications. The capsules are easy to swallow and ideal for adults of all ages.
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Each two capsule serving of TriVexa contains 266mg of a proprietary formula with 6 active mushroom extracts, including chaga, reishi, and white button mushroom extracts. Studies have linked these mushroom extracts to a range of benefits – from weight loss to cellular health to anti-tumor effects.
TriVexa was designed by a doctor named Dr. Mark Taylor. The supplement is manufactured in the United States in an FDA-registered facility, made from natural ingredients, and backed by a 60 day moneyback guarantee.

How Does Trivexa Work For You?

TriVexa works because it contains a blend of antioxidant-rich mushroom extracts. In fact, all six active ingredients in TriVexa are mushroom extracts.

TriVexa is a supplement that works quickly to speed up your metabolism and help you lose fat, giving you the health benefits of having less body fat. Your body uses these molecules, and they are important to how well your body works. Changes to a person's metabolism can help them lose a lot of weight.

Each capsule of TriVexa contains 266mg of a proprietary formula with six mushroom extracts. You receive a strong dose of chaga, white button, turkey tail, reishi, lion’s mane, and blazei mushroom extracts.

Many of the mushrooms in TriVexa have been used in traditional medicine for centuries. Some trace their roots to traditional Chinese medicine, for example, where they were used as part of traditional health tonics and remedies.

Today, we know why these mushrooms were prized in traditional medicine for centuries: they’re rich with antioxidants that support healthy inflammation throughout the body. Inflammation is linked to disease and illness. By supporting healthy inflammation, these mushroom extracts could help with stress reduction, weight management, and bio-repair, according to Dr. Mark Taylor and the TriVexa team.

All the ingredients in the Trivexa weight loss capsule have been carefully selected and researched for their weight loss properties.

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TriVexa Ingredients

Each capsule of TriVexa contains six active ingredients, all of which are mushroom extracts. TriVexa contains six of the most popular and proven mushroom extracts in the supplement community today, including blazei, lion’s mane, reishi, turkey tail, white button, and chaga mushroom.
Here are all of the mushrooms in TriVexa and how they support weight loss and overall health:
 The ingredients in TriVexa are 100% pure, natural, and extracted from plants. The formula has six powerful mushroom blends that help reduce stress, weight management, and bio-repair. Here are the ingredients in the revolutionary dietary supplement:
Reishi Mushroom TriVexa Ingredients

 Reishi Mushroom: 

  Reishi mushroom, also known as lingzhi or Ganoderma lucidum, is native to parts of Asia and popular in traditional medicine According to the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, reishi mushroom is used to boost the immune system, lower cholesterol, increase strength and stamina, and treat UTIs, among other effects. Like other mushrooms in TriVexa, reishi is not linked to significant side effects. And, like other mushrooms in TriVexa, reishi appears to work because it’s rich with beta glucans and polysaccharides that appear to help with inflammation.

TriVexa Ingredients White Button Mushroom

 White Button Mushroom:

 White button mushroom is one of the best-known and most common types of mushrooms available today. Also known as Agaricus bisporus, white button mushroom has the classic umami flavor while being more palatable than certain other types of mushrooms. Approximately 90% of mushrooms consumed in the United States are white button mushrooms. It has lower levels of beta glucans and natural antioxidants than other mushrooms in TriVexa, but it remains a popular option for cooking and certain types of traditional medicine.

Chaga Mushroom TriVexa Ingredients

 Chaga Mushroom:

  Chaga mushroom, or Inonotus obliquus, grows on birch trees in cold parts of the world. It’s more of a fungus than a traditional mushroom. It’s been used as a folk medicine in Russia and parts of northern Europe for centuries, where traditional medicine practitioners used it to help with various ailments and illnesses. 

TriVexa Ingredients Turkey Tail Mushroom

 Turkey Tail Mushroom:

  Turkey tail mushroom contains natural antioxidants and other compounds to support various effects. Two of the most important natural chemicals are polysaccharide peptide (PSP) and polysaccharide krestin (PSK), which are thought to give turkey tail its medicine effects. These medicinal effects include antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects, immune modulating benefits, and more. In one study, turkey tail mushroom extract helped support immune response in people with certain types of cancer. In another study, women with breast cancer taking 6 to 9 grams of turkey tail powder per day increased cancer fighting cells in the immune system, including natural killer (NK) cells and lymphocytes. Other studies have connected turkey tail to gut health immunity, inflammation, and more.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom TriVexa Ingredients

 Lion’s Mane Mushroom:

 Lion’s mane mushroom is one of the most popular mushrooms in the world of traditional medicine. It’s one of the best sources of beta glucans – the natural chemicals in mushrooms linked to certain benefits. Some studies suggest lion’s mane mushroom can stimulate the growth of brain cells and help protect from Alzheimer’s and degenerative brain disease. Other studies have linked lion’s mane mushroom extract to reduced inflammation. In one study, in fact, researchers found lion’s mane mushroom extract had the fourth highest amount of antioxidant activity compared to 14 other mushroom extracts. Other studies have connected lion’s mane mushroom to immune boosting benefits, digestive health, and more. Plus, studies also show lion’s mane mushroom extract is safe and not linked to significant side effects.

Blazei Mushroom Blazei Mushroom

 Blazei Mushroom:

 This mushroom is better known as Agaricus blazei Murrill mushroom, and it’s surged in popularity in Japan in recent years. Oddly, the manufacturer of TriVexa refers to the mushroom as “blazei” mushroom extract instead of the conventional shorthand term, agaricus. Unusual naming aside, the blazei mushroom in TriVexa appears could strengthen the immune system, fight tumor growth, and work as an antioxidant, according to WebMD. People also use this mushroom extract for heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, although there’s little evidence it can help.

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TriVexa is backed by a 100% money back guarantee, 60 full days from your original purchase. If you’re not totally and completely satisfied with the product, your results or your experience in the first 60 days simply let us know by calling our toll free number or dropping us an email and we’ll give you a full refund within 48 hours of the product being returned. That’s right, simply return the product, even empty bottles, anytime within 60 days of your purchase and you’ll receive a full, no questions asked refund (less shipping and handling)

Benefits Of TriVexa

 TriVexa has adaptogens that may combat stress, anxiety, and signs of depression.

 The mushroom-based formulation may support weight loss, particularly in stubborn parts.

 Healthy Gut: Both supplements contain a proprietary blend that creates healthy CSM bacteria and bacteroids which improve gut health;

 TriVexa can heighten heart health and augments blood circulation

 Supports better sleep: The two formulas help improve sleep because of the healthy metabolism.

 Clear skin: Some ingredients in TriVexa help clear skin, making you maintain a younger and more radiant look.

 Increase energy: The body releases energy as TriVexa helps in the fat-burning process. Improved energy allows you to be active and perform daily activities.

 Suppress appetite: The healthy bacteria combo boosts metabolism, suppresses appetite, and reduces food cravings, thus accelerating weight loss.

 Other benefits are:
● It helps reduce migraines, cramps, and bloating;
● The combo helps burn fat as fast as possible;
● The supplements help rebuild your confidence as you heal from the inside out.

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Trivexa Frequently Asked Questions

  Is Trivexa Safe?

Yes! Trivexa is a safe and natural male enhancement supplement, which has a low risk of side effects. It is also affordable and easy to use. It’s safe and can help men who have suffered from erectile dysfunction to regain their sexual life. The formula can even help men who are suffering from low testosterone levels or are prone to anxiety or cognitive impairments.
 How Many Bottles Should I Order? 

Trivexa is best used for at least 3 to 5 months to achieve the best results. This will ensure you reach your goals. Trivexa can be purchased monthly, but we recommend you buy 3 to 5 bottles of Trivexa as we offer discounts and that's the minimum amount you need to see results. You should note that this discount is not available year-round. So take advantage of it while you can.
 How long Until Users see results?

This will greatly depend on your current health status. It should take at least one to two weeks to see results, but if you do not, be a little patient, and you will eventually see life-changing results.
 How Much Should I Order?

The more you can order, the better. Once you start the Protocol and start building back up your healthy gut bacteria, the last thing you want is to run out of product. We highly recommend you order at least 3 months upfront, though 6 is even better. Plus, when you order the 3-month or 6-month supply – you get all the bonuses valued at up to $762.00.
 Is Trivexa Aproved By The FDA?

Trivexa is manufactured in the USA by our FDA-approved, GMP-certified facility. We adhere to the highest standards.
  Is Trivexa has a Money-Back Guarantee, Right Or Not ?

Trivexa offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you’re not happy with it for any reason- don’t hesitate! Call their customer service team and get your money back.

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All content and information found on this page are for informational purposes only and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The FDA hasn't evaluated the statements provided on this page. Make sure you consult with a licensed doctor before taking any supplement or making any changes to your diet or exercise plan. Individual results may vary.

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